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About Us

Expanding The Narrative

Launch Writing Nola was founded by individuals raised in low-income areas who escaped their circumstances through literature. While escaping into these fantasy worlds, we craved stories with protagonists that resembled us outside of the typical urban genre. And now, even though decades have passed, representation is still lacking. Illiteracy thrives in low-income communities. Many marginalized children do not enjoy reading, and one reason is due to their lack of representation. We at Launch Writing Nola aspire to help writers create and perfect narratives that positively reflects and inspire the people who are too often forgotten by mainstream literature. 

Launch Writing Nola works to improve literacy through outreach and services. We assist and encourage local writers to develop and promote diverse stories, learn successful ways to cope through writing, and help change the mainstream narrative of the minority experience. 

Through writing workshops, beta reading, and story development, Launch Writing Nola works to change the narrative of marginalized minorities while raising literacy and expand the narrative. 

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