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Our Principles

We organize around the following shared values and principles of unity:

  • We recognize that Louisiana ranks low in education with a 20 percent illiteracy rate amongst adults, and 40 percent of the population over 16 reading below a 5th grade level. We are working to raise the literacy rates. 

  • We recognize that lower income communities suffer from lower literacy rates and are working to raise the literacy rates through outreach programs to foster interest in reading, writing and healthy stress management through expressive writing techniques. 

  • We recognize that both reading and writing are vital to literacy and that marginalized minorities are often disinterested in mainstream media because of lack of representation. We encourage and help create diverse literature from local writers belonging to and representing these groups to engage and attract minority readers. 

  • We recognize that low literacy results in lower incomes, poverty and impaired opportunities. We work with local businesses to build strong copy for advancement and marketing.

  • We recognize that businesses in Louisiana ranks the lowest in global private investment firms and we are working to increase investments in local businesses through creating confident and affordable copywriting and marketing. 

  • We support increasing literacy rates through writing which positively affects reading comprehension and fluency, understand reading frameworks and develop vocabulary through language creation and word usage. 

  • We support expressive writing to support the mental and emotional health of marginalized communities as expressive writing provides an outlet for people to cope with emotional trauma, stigma-related stress, and assist with regulating emotion through objective reflection.  

  • We support quality content writing and marketing to help cultivate and grow local businesses to encourage expansion, attract new customers and private investors. 

We respect the organization as a site for diverse political values, strategies and interest and we center the voices and experiences of those most affected by living within low-income communities, or of marginalized minorities. We respect the difference among the group and support principled debate while upholding anti-racist and anti-oppressive principles.

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